About Me


It seems only fitting that, if you have found this little blog pleasant to read, you should be able to get to know a little bit about the person who writes here. If you want, that is. :)

My name is Hannah Fellows. I am many things.

Wife. Mama. Friend. Saint of the Most High God.  Blogger. Health Nut. Writer. Thrifty shopper. Clothing aficionado. Avid cooker and baker.  Quiet. Crazy. Creative. 

I love many things.

A good book. Babies of any sort. Photos. Healthy food. Good deals. Long vacations. Traveling. Time with friends. My husband. My church. My family. A well-stocked kitchen and closet. Being home. A new notebook. Hugs. Weddings. Nice people. Cashews. Hummus. Cucumbers. 

I live in Eastern Ohio with my sweet husband, Kyle, who is a Marine veteran, pastor's kid and identical twin. Being married is incredibly fun. I get to go home with my best friend, snuggle him as much as I want, and see a precious side of him that no one else does.

I am now mama to the sweetest little boy, who brings me more joy every day then I could have ever imagined.

I am the oldest of five kids and gained three sisters, a brother and a really cool grandma through marriage.

I am committed to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is what makes my life important. I have no greater pleasure than in spreading His Gospel of Grace and striving to live a life glorifying to Him!

This blog is a peek into my mind and heart. The longer I am married, the more I become like my husband---a sarcastic, no-nonsense realist who looks at the nitty gritty of life without any rose-colored glasses. But in the same breath, I am a lover of romance, of all things beautiful. I dream in color and always look for the good in everyone. I am shy, avoid conflict, and love poetry. I cry over good stories and love a heart to heart conversation. I am a puzzle.

This is who I am. 


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