my valentine's day post

It’s almost 6:30pm Valentine’s Day Eve, and my valentine is on the other side of the world where it is almost 4:00am Valentine’s Day. My day is nearly ending, just as his is beginning.

I won’t see him for another 5-ish months, which is most of the reason I am currently aching for summer to come. The other much smaller portion of that reason is that I am freezing and really…did I say REALLY…looking forward to it being summer, with lots of sunshine and warm air. But nice weather or no, I simply can’t wait to see my fella. I am contemplating how to roll Christmas, Valentine’s, Fourth of July, and his June birthday all into the one glorious event called Homecoming. Good thing he’s not big into holidays. :P

I almost wasn’t going to post anything about Valentine’s Day, because I didn’t want to sound all sappy and mushy. And I have been on the reverse end of V-Day, the ever depressing Singles’ Awareness Day, and I know how annoying it gets to hear all the blabber about how wonderfully awesome such-and-such’s significant other is. Especially while being single with absolutely not prospects in view, V-Day is just a constant reminder that you are single, and all your friends aren’t, and guess what…you don’t have a date. Ouch.

Then I thought, well, I’ve waited this long, I deserve one little post about my honey on a day dedicated to lovers, right? I should come up with something cute. Yes, I sent him a Valentine. Yes, I sent him some sweet sugary items. Cause I’m a cool girlfriend. ;) But I already told the world I wasn’t going to post tons of mush stuff yet, cause that’s personal, and not everyone needs to know, or really cares for that matter. So this shall be the extent of my lovey-dovey-mushy-sappy-Valentines-Day-post: I love Kyle. I miss him. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. Deployment is hard. And I can’t wait to see him.


Now, I have two things I want to say. One to Singles and one to…un-Singles. Whatever.

First, to the singles. I am not going to give a bunch of emotional nonsense about being content and there’s someone out there for you, and just keep waiting. Cause that’s what that is. Emotional nonsense. Yes, you need to be content, and at peace, cause otherwise you are miserable, and the only thing worse than a miserable single person is a miserable un-single person, but I will get to that later. Yeah, there probably is someone out there for you, and sometimes you do have to wait, cause there’s nothing else to do, and waiting builds character. But if you know what you want, and you know what you are looking for, then by golly, get out there and find it. And if you aren’t finding what you are looking for where you are at, you need to change where you are at. Be brave. Step out. Go get ‘em.

Second, to the Un-Singles. Girlfriends and wives mostly. Every other sentence I hear coming from your mouths is a complaint about your guy. How he hasn’t come home yet, and how he’s been gone so long, and “OMG, he hasn’t texted me in four hours!!!” Are you for real? You get to see your man every-stinkin’-day, and you complain about not hearing from him after a couple hours??? I don’t mean to sound blatantly sarcastic, but GROW UP! You really just have no idea, do you? You should be praising God for this man, and the fact that you get to see him every day and be in almost constant contact with him, and simply for the fact that *he*is*yours*. Do you realize how many single girls out there ten or fifteen years your senior would give their right arms to be in your place?

I understand getting frustrated with your lover, and frustrated with life that gets in the way of being with him (still speaking to girls here, just cause its what I see, but if there’s guys out there doing this too, y’all can just switch the gender usage). But for heaven’s sake, please quit talking about it all the time, and even more, quit posting it on Facebook!

I can think of way lots more to say, but I think I better stop here for now.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, or SAD, or what have you. Just remember to be thankful. Life is too short, and you never know when everything that you love might no longer be here.



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