Don't feel sorry for me...

“So…what DO you eat?”

Yes, I get that question quite often. Its one of those phrases I’ve become accustomed to hearing over and over. Like “Oh, you’re home schooled! So how does that work?” or “Wow, you look so young. I would have guessed you about 16.”

I don’t really get tired of hearing that question. I’ve got quite an incredible story, to be honest, and its good information, so I’m happy to share my food life with people. I don’t get tired of the other questions either. Yes, I loved home schooling. Yes, I know I look like a kid. But its alright.

The only thing I don’t like it the look on people’s faces when I tell them what I do eat. Fruit, veggies, nuts and beans. Very little grains. No wheat, sugar, corn, meat, dairy or potatoes of any sort.

Here comes the look of pure pity. Sorrow, too, as if they want to cry for me.

Oh, its well meant, of course. By loving friends that simply are amazed that anyone can eat like that and still be sane. It doesn’t annoy me or anything.

Its just…well…I am honestly not a person you should be feeling sorry for.

I’m not ill. I don’t have some terrible terminal disease that is going to cut me off in the prime of life. In truth, I will probably be one of the last people to get a life threatening illness due to the fact that my diet is so simple and clean.

I don’t deserve your pity.

Why should you be sad for me? Because I can’t indulge in the nearest cupcake or bucket of ice cream? Because I’ll never be able to share a bowl of popcorn at the movies with my boyfriend? Because I won’t be able to enjoy take-out pizza with my kids? Gee, when you put it that way…

But hang on.

You’re right. I’m missing out. I’m missing out on birthday cakes and summer ice cream cones, hot delivery pizza and road trip candy bars. I’m missing out on all the food normally associated with cook-outs and tea parties and baby showers.

But there’s something else I’m missing out on as well.

I’m missing out on missing out on life. Yeah you read that right. No, I didn’t repeat myself accidentally. Go ahead, read it over again. I typed it just the way I wanted it. Maybe it would be better said that I’m not missing out on life. There. That’s a little clearer.

If you’ve never had a seizure, then you can’t imagine what I’m talking about. The helplessness that washes over you when you know you’re going down. The feeling of defeat, of “Oh SNAP!” when you wake up and realize you’ve had one. The recuperation period that seems like an eternity squashed into a day or two. The feeling of fear when you can’t figure out why on earth this is happening, and never knowing when it is going to happen again. And then the total apprehension that comes with wanting to do anything in life…can I go on this trip? Can I have these people stay over? Should I get up this early? Can I drive today? Could I ever get married? What about having a baby? Am I going to be alright?

Talk about a reality check.

So guess what. There are exactly two things in the entire world that one can do with seizures.

One. Go to the doctor and get put on medication. Trust me, I’ve researched it.

Two. Change your diet. Change your life.

I picked number Two.

I’ve now spent the past two and half years trying to figure this out. Changing this. Trying that. Tweaking, fixing, experimenting, eliminating. Crying, fuming, starting all over again, and again, and again. Till finally…

I found something that works. Its called Simplicity.

Fruit, veggies, nuts and beans. Very little grains. No wheat, sugar, corn, meat, dairy or potatoes of any sort.

I’ve given up the all-American food life for a chance at a normal life. Comfort food in exchange for a clear mind and the ability to bounce out of bed at a moment’s notice. I’ve given up ice cream, pizza and popcorn, and gained the ability to go on long road trips, host incredible events, be a little bit stressed if I have to, not fear my menstrual cycle, and even fall in love.

Don’t pity me. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m totally getting the better end of this deal.



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