What if Christ were like Santa Claus?

What if Christ were like Santa Claus,
And came to our homes once year?
Would we wait up all night just for a glimpse?
Or when we saw Him, would we stand up and cheer?
Would we spiff up the house, put lights everywhere,
Just to make sure He could see?
And would we wait in long lines at the shopping malls,
For a chance to just sit on His knee?
Would we set out a snack just especially for Him,
And make sure everything was just right?
Would we wait so impaitiently for the time once a year
When Jesus would be here for one night?
What if Christ were like Santa Claus?
Would we spend as much time preparing?
Would we get as dressed up in our best of clothes?
And spend lots of money decorating?
If Christ were to come to earth this Christmas
And ask you if you'd let him in,
Would your home and your heart be open
And ready to welcome Him?

Copyright (c) Hannah McMichael
November 30, 2006

**Written at age 17. This poem made it onto the back of a church bulletin ;) **



  1. I was going to ask you if you borrowed this from someone, it was that good. Fantastic work! :D

  2. Very good poem, glad to see others who enjoy well written poetry like me.


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