The Story of My Life

Vs 1: Waking to the radio
Don’t get up/ just let it go
Till I can’t stand it another minute more
Beginning the day
Trying to find a way
To figure out what on earth I’m here for

Ch 1: And so goes the story of my life
Spending the pages just trying to get it right
God I can’t do this alone
I give You all my own
If only You will help me to write
The story of my life

Vs 2: Rushing through my time
Saying everything is fine
When really my heart is filled with doubt
Then it occurs to me
There’s something I’m missing
Something maybe I’ve been leaving out

Ch 2: (repeat chorus 1)

Bridge: Why is it I always miss what’s right in front of me?
I always loose my way and come up empty when I fail to see
There is so much more and it’s alright and I don’t have to know it all
My Jesus will be there for me to pick me up when I fall!

Vs 3: I whisper a prayer
Because I know you’re there
I don’t know what I’d do without You
Tomorrow take up my pen
Please do it over again
I know with you I can make it through

Ch 3: This is the story of my life
Because of you I know its right
I am never alone
Don’t have to do it on my own
Thank you Lord for writingThe story of my life

Copyright 2010 Hannah McMichael



  1. I love this, Hannah! =) Your writings always have a nice personal, practical feel. And are always well written, too, of course... ;)

  2. Hi Sis!! Love You, -Daddy

  3. That was wonderful, Hannah!
    May the great author and finisher of our Faith continue to guide you as you follow Him!

  4. wow, Hannah.
    the Jost Family's new CD (and one new song) are called Story of my Life.


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