Detour Through the Desert

1. I can almost see the High Places
Shining bright in the sky
But suddenly, the path takes a turn
And I can’t understand why
I call for the Shepherd, He comes to me
And holds me as I cry
When I ask Him His reason, He gives me a smile
And ever so gently replies…

Ch. Do you love me enough to follow me?
To turn away from your heart’s desire?
Do you trust me to make it right in the end
Even when your heart’s on fire?
Though the desert seems long and the goal seems so far
I promise you I will be there
Though your tears fall and heart breaks, look into my eyes
And see my purpose everywhere

I will never leave you alone
Cause you are my very own…

2. So as I walk through the desert
I’m praying it comes to an end
Then I open my eyes, see what I’m becoming
Getting strong and less likely to bend
Something about me seems better
My desire has grown deeper still
My resolve in now stringer, my purpose more real
As I find grace to trust in His will

Ch 2. Lord I love you enough to follow You
Even to turn from my heart’s desire
I know You will make it right in the end
Cause You’ve set my heart on fire
Yes, the desert is long and the goal feels so far
I will keep on because You are there
I am better because of the journey I’m on
Your purpose is everywhere!

I never feel alone
I know I’m Your very own…

Copyright 2010 Hannah McMichael

*Inspired by Hannah Hurnard's "Hinds' Feet on High Places"*



  1. your blog is just beautiful, Hannah. Im excited for you! Look forward to keeping up on it :)

    Love to you, Patrizia (mrs. f)

  2. Hannah, I love your writings! I can practically hear this one in my head. Almost like a musical theater piece. And boy have I been there! God calling you to give up something you desperately want and it's so hard... Often He's had to get at me several times before I really give it up. But what crazy imaginations God has! How wonderful to give up the "good" for God's blessed best. =)

  3. Thank you Ryan! I actually do have a tune for this one (and have been unsuccessfully trying to record it to play for you):P But I'm not sure its any good...anyways... :)

    Isn't it interesting though, when we give up the things we want, how we can make ourselves believe we really want something, but it turns out to be the worst thing for us, and we only realize that after we've let it go... (this probably sounds way more confusing than what I'm thinking)... :D


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