The Food Matrix

Where food is concerned, we live in a world of absolutes, particularly here in the U.S. We have a broad spectrum of foods before us, but there are generalities that all food must fall under in order to please us. We know what pizza is supposed to taste like. We know what ice cream, spaghetti, hot dogs, and potato salad are supposed to taste like. Christmas dinners, birthday cake, chocolate and cotton candy. There are differences and variations within each of our foods. Different flavors and combinations. But ultimately, we have set in stone ideas about what our food should taste like, and for that matter, look like.

But what if…what if…we’re wrong?

Have you ever seen the movie “The Matrix”? It is rather brilliant tale of a man who comes to learn that the world he believes he lives in doesn’t really exist, but instead is an elaborate computer generated hoax designed to trick the minds of humans being used as slaves for robots that have overtaken the real world. The concept of the movie is really quite amazing, and gets you thinking. What if this isn’t real? What if we are being tricked? How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find that everything you thought you knew was completely and utterly wrong?

Step back for a moment and, with the Matrix in mind, open your mind to the possibility I am about to suggest to you.

What if everything you know about how food should taste and look is wrong?

From the very beginning of our lives, as small children learning to eat food on our own, we are given food and told exactly what it should be like. This is ice cream. This is cereal. This is a hamburger. There are no other options. This is what food is. It is engrained in our minds. We don’t question it, and grow up with these stereotypes dictating our every meal.

But just imagine if we were wrong. What if those stereotypes were just that…stereotypes?

Imagine breaking out of the matrix to find a whole new world of food. A world where food was different. Where people eat to live, not live to eat. Where people don’t expect food to be the same as it has been for years and use creativity and ingenuity to create food that blows the mind of all who even hear of it.

Yep. You’ve now entered my world.

Welcome to the world outside the matrix.



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