Of Bruises, Bones and Dandy Candy

Life is always interesting.

I ended up crashing with a cold that has been circulating Kyle's family since July. Took its good old time getting to me, but alas it caught up to me and thankfully I had the weekend off to fight the worst of it.

I do have a point to saying this, other than just complaining. I have noticed over the past few months that I have the tendency to bruise easily. Like, really easily. Doesn't take much of a bump to give me a nasty looking bruise. So I read up on that, and it turns out that one of the main causes of bruising easily is a lack of Vitamin C. Which explains a lot since, with my diet the way it is, I eat very little fruit. I try to drink lots of lemon water and eat plenty of carrots and other veggies, but I guess maybe its just hard to take the place of stuff like apples and oranges?

Well, over the weekend I started taking a powdered Vitamin C supplement. I really upped my intake of it to try to kill the bad sicky germ in me. It helped that cause, but I also noticed that within about 48 hours of upping my Vitamin C intake by supplement, two good sized bruises on my leg had completely disappeared.

So that proves that theory! Now the challenge will be how to get more Vitamin C in me without always taking a supplement. Hmm...

This weekend was made even more interesting by my husband breaking his collar bone on Sunday. Yep. snapped it clean in two. Makes my stomach turn every time I think about it. So after a quick trip to the ER, he will be spending the next six weeks in a back/shoulder sling and learning how to do almost everything with his left arm.

Being the health nut that I am, I instantly got him started him two homeopathic remedies, rubbed him with arnica gel and even got him to let put French Green Clay on the spot where its broken once so far to help with inflammation and to try to draw the bones back together. My mom reminded me that homeopathic remedies are the only natural medicines that do not interfere with conventional medication, since the doctor gave him some Motrin and Vicodin to help with the pain. I'm not sure yet if what I'm doing is helping any, but its neat to try and I'm thankful he's willing to let me experiment on him!

And now for the best part. I've reinvented Dandy Candy.

Dandy Candy originally came from the La Leche League's "Whole Foods for the Whole Family" cookbook. The old one. I don't believe its in the new one. But its one of the best, easiest treats and kids always love making it. It basically consists of peanut butter, powdered milk and honey, and then you could roll it into balls and add whatever sort of additions you liked. stick them in the fridge and BANG. Dessert. Or breakfast. Or lunch.

But lately I've been missing such delicacies. Since honey and powdered milk are out of the question, I decided to come up with something better. And boy, did I ever! I have created the best possible treat in the whole world.

100% vegan, gluten free, soy free, sugar free, grain free, non-chocolate, no caffeine, dairy or eggs. What more could you want?

Better Dandy Candy

1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup peanut butter
Dash of cinnamon
Stevia to sweeten
~Mix together completely. It should be crumbly and form into balls when you squeeze it together

about 3 TBSP coconut oil
about 3-4 TBSP carob powder
Stevia to sweeten
~You may need to adjust the measurements. Coconut oil may need to be warmed slightly if it is solid. You need to be able to stir it so it need to be almost liquid. Add enough carob to make a thick, pudding-like consistency. You don't want it too thin because it won't stick to the balls.
~Make the balls about and inch in diameter. Use a fork to roll them around in the coating and the place on a plate. I just used a plastic plate and they came off fine, but if you want to put them on wax paper, you can. It should make about 8 balls, depending on how big you made them. 
~Freeze for about 20 minutes or until hard. Keep them in the freezer as they will melt if left at room temperature. 

These literally take like 10-15 minutes at the most to prepare. And are stinkin' a-maz-ing.

You see? Just because you are on a strict diet and have removed certain foods from your life does not mean you have to go without eating delicious things. It just means you have to use your imagination and eat different things!




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