What happens at Grandma's...

Every once in a while, I will see a picture pop up with a quip about grandmas. Sometimes they are really sweet, but very often they are kind of---well, irritating.

Now, I love my grandmas. I just got a new one by getting married last year, and she is such a darling. But there is an attitude surrounding grandmothers in general that is not what it should be.

"I can at Grandma's!"

"The world needs grandmas cause those kids aren't going to spoil themselves!"

"What happens at Grandma's...stays at Grandma's."

"Being Grandma means never having to say no."

Ok, so its meant to be funny. But behind ever word of sarcasm, there is a bit of truth. And the truth is that there is this idea that grandmothers are supposed to spoil grandkids. They say yes when mom says no, and nothing is off limits at Grandma's house.


Maybe I'm the oddball, but that mindset seems totally backwards to me. Unless grandparents are trying to exact some sort of revenge on their kids for giving them such a hard time growing up, shouldn't they be supporting these young parents in their endeavors?

And maybe I'm just ridiculously lucky to know that I have a mom and a mother-in-law that would respect my wishes with my kids, support me and help me instead of hinder my child-raising plans. If mom says no, then grandma says no too. And my kids will know that.

Yeah...I know...I don't have kids yet, so what am I even talking about? Well, I know that I have seen what I don't like. And I like knowing that my kids grandparents will be the kind I can trust and enjoy and not dread them being with. I know they will be good examples and that my kids will have a heritage they can look up to and grandparents that can be a happy part of their lives.

The end.



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