I Believe in Redemption

Vs1: Tears pour and hearts fall
The wound is running deep
The question unanswered
Am I more than what I see?
No cause is a lost hope
Even when the fire’s dying
There’s more to life and more to love
More than just surviving

Ch: I believe in redemption
I believe in the touch of God’s grace
I believe in forgiveness
I believe in a smile on God’s face
I believe in renewal
I believe in every day’s dawn
I believe in a second chance
I believe in redemption

Vs2: When friends forsake me
When love turns out wrong
I look with weary eyes and see
I still can have a song
A new smile, a new dance
A new song just waiting
For me to stand and take His hand
With a bright and new beginning!

(Repeat chorus)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Hannah McMichael

*I am still working on the Bridge...so this is a work in progress. :D



  1. Gordon McMichaelJune 17, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    I believe in Redemption too! Love the song Sis!


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