Magazine Reviews

Here's a few reviews for some magazines I've been reading lately! :D Check them out! Enjoy...


Eating Well (
Very good articles and recipes. A lot of ads, but on the whole, I’d say worth the price.

Vegetarian Times (
I wouldn’t buy this one again. Yes, some good recipes, but there is a very strong “animal rights” message throughout the whole magazine that I find disturbing and would rather not knowingly support.

Back Home Magazine (
I like this one. Tons of great information on farming, raising animals, “green living” (i.e., solar energy, etc.), with a seemingly good outlook and without the “in-your-face” animal rights message.

Organic Gardening (
Very good information, articles and recipes. Not too “green”, just good gardening/farming/animals stuff presented in a healthy, organic perspective.

Though geared towards child training, marriage and family, this great magazine never fails to have something in it about herbs, gardening/farming or some other form of outdoor or nutritional information. Also, two of the Pearl family’s other ventures, The Bulk Herb store, and Shoshanna’s Herbs, are great places to buy herbs and herbal remedies from.



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