I decided to make more muffins the other day, but was out of blueberries. So I edited the recipe and came up with this variation of Blueberry Muffins.

Instead of blueberries, I used the same amount of shredded Apple, and added 1/3 cup of carob powder, 1 cup of crushed walnuts and 1 egg. :D So thus they became CarobAppleWalnut Muffins. :D Okay, so I'm not very creative with names...

What's more, I got the great inspiration to parody a song, after my little sister, Grace (8), who was helping me, decided to do a little taste testing...

The Last Muffin (formerly known as "My Last Amen" by Downhere)

From the corner of my eye
I see my sister trying to hide
She dipped her finger in the dough
Now she waits until when
I turn so she can do it again
Even though I told her no

And it keeps me watching
That mysterious thing
Like a tiger waiting
Just to pounce!

Every single breath
(a little closer)
By my batter bowl
(a little closer)
I stand guard until I've finished baking
Even until
The last muffin!
The last muffin!

:D Thank you. Thank you. ;)



  1. Hah so I just had to comment on this one, too. =D Not only were the muffins probably spectacular (yay carob! haha), but I love your variation of The Last Amen. I have the song on my iTunes, so I was reading your words while it was playing. Hah, so awesome! =D

  2. I meant your variation of MY Last Amen. Not THE. =P Heh, either way, really nice!


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