Fully Alive

Fully alive

"Certainly, you will admit that God is glorious. Is there anyone more kind? Is there anyone more creative? Is there anyone more valiant? Is there anyone more true? IS there anyone more daring? Is there anyone more beautiful? Is there anyone more wise? Is there anyone more generous? You are his offspring. You are his child. His reflection. His likeness. You bear his image. Do you remember that though he made the heavens and the earth in all their glory, the desert and the open sea, the meadow and the Milky Way, and said "It is good," it was only after he made you that he said, "It is very good." (Gen.1:31) Think of it: your original glory was greater than anything that's ever taken your breath away in nature....Your story didn't start with sin, and thank God it doesn't end with sin. It ends with glory restored...you ahve been transformed and you are being transformed. You've been given a new heart. Now God is restoring your glory. He is bringing you fully alive. Because the glory of God is you fully alive."

John Eldredge, Waking the Dead



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