Journal Entry 3-28-11

"The times I love so dear go so fast. I barely have time to blink! The Victorian Ball---so lovely to dance for 5 hours straight and meeting so many unexpected friends. And yet its gone, like a beautiful dream I was brutally woken up from. My visit with the Wrights and Mike and Andy---planned for several weeks trying to put it together and it lasted just 5 hours. Like a bubble, short lived and gone in a snap.
"...I cannot believe that everything down here that we as Christians take pleasure in will be totally done away with in Heaven. How can I be filled with such joy and ecstacy when I'm dancing or even when I'm just playing games with my dear friends if it is not from God?
"Who can say that there is not such equal joy and pleasure in Heaven? I have never liked thinking about eternity especially when presented with the idea that all we will do is sing worship songs with the angels. That is unappealing and just wierd. God is so much more imaginitive than that! If he gave us dancing down here, why not in Heaven? He gave us the thrill of physical touch, the encouragement of kind words, the beauty of friendship on earth---why would he not have that in Heaven?
"God created romance. Are you telling me that's only for earth? Do you want me to believe that God's greatest plasure given to mankind is merely a momentary earthly thing and that the best thing God could ever come up with for a physical selves is doomed to earth? Something so holy and perfect is forever bound to sinful earth? You've got to be kidding me.
"I tell you Heaven is not angels singing worship forever. It cannot be, or else God would not have made earth so wonderful. As believers in Christ, we leave earth knowing we go to something far better! How disappointing to think we leave this beautiful world of friendship, romance, dancing, touch, words, people, smiles and laughing, to go to harps, clouds and angels. Not a fair trade, I think.
"Oh no. God would not make his home so much less beautiful and pleasureful and interesting than ours.
"I believe in the God of Wonders, and I believe that when I die, I go to Paradise, the High Places, the Celestial City. This is not Precious Moments heaven. This is Heaven, home of the God of the Universe.
"Look at all He created and I dare you to tell me His home is less incredible."

[I'd encourage everyone to read "The Sacred Romance" by John Eldredge and Brent Curtis.]

Love, Hannah



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