When its my time...

"When its my time to go
The end of my road
I hope it looks like this
Two hundred cars
Stretched out as far
As the hearts I touched while I lived
And I hope I leave
Half as much love behind
When its my time..."
~Rodney Atkins

I've had so many thoughts running through my head over the past 24 hours, its hard to put them all down.

I've thought about Greg, the life he lived, the people he touched, and how much I wish I had gotten to know him better. The complete overhaul of profile pictures and status messages on Facebook was just a small glimpse of the fact that the world has lost one of its brightest stars, and that the next time we get to dance with our friend will be at the Greatest Wedding celebration.

I've thought about Greg's girl, Melody. I'm sorry to say I've yet to get to know her, as I never was quite sure how to introduce my self over the internet. But, Melody, if you read this, I want you to know how much I admire you. Even though its only been online, I've been able to see your love for Greg through pictures. You have gone through a journey that requires the strongest of hearts. Never doubt the beautiful strength that God has given you.

I've thought about how little I really knew Greg. We only met once. To be honest, I think we only had a total of maybe 15 minutes worth of conversation. We did not have much online communication, if any. He asked me to dance once. So why should a person I only was in company with for such a short time have such an impact on me, and stick out so profoundly in my heart? Perhaps it had a lot to do with online posts I read of his. Perhaps it was the way he wrote about his battle with cancer in FB updates.

Frankly, though, I think it had more to do with that one dance.

Greg was an important person in the circle of homeschool graduates that I got to spend the weekend with in the summer of 2009. I mean, everyone knew him, or at least knew of him. He was in charge of the Talent Show. He was one of the "big names" of the HSA world.

Who was I? I was a shy girl of 19, so eager and excited and scared all at once. A few friends had already danced with me, and then Greg asked me for a dance. *ME*. A little nobody in the HSA world. The famous Greg made me feel like a princess.

When its my time to go, will my friends remember me for the way I loved them? Will there be one person that I barely knew who cries for me because of one small act of love that I showed them? Who will I have touched? What will I leave behind?



  1. Beautiful thoughts, Hannah. And your questions in the last paragraph are sobering. Greg did run his race well, setting a challenging example for the rest of us to follow. And someday we will all be together again, in a grand Reunion. Wow...


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