My Little Darling

So I wrote this a couple months ago, and just finally got around to posting it. :D Back story: I have a huge heart for adoption and have dreamt several times about a little girl. She's always the same...about 2 years old and blonde. I never know her name, but I know that I've adopted her. So this was something I wrote to my unknown little girl...

My Little Darling
By Hannah McMichael

A baby girl cries cause there’s no one to hold her
She falls asleep unloved and alone
Two brilliant eyes clouded with tears
All for just wanting to be loved and home
I wish I could reach her
And say to her heart…

My little darling
I will find you someday
I will hold you in my arms
And I will know your name
Hold on, my sweet love
I promise I’ll find you
I will bring you home
My little darling, someday



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