Hero (Why Darcy?)

Deep in the heart of every girl, whether she admits it or not, she longs for a hero. She wants to be swept off her feet by the dashing, courageous prince charming. She wants to be the princess that her man will fight for. She wants to touch that brave and wild heart of gold with own tender, beautiful one.

Every girl wants a hero.

Nice guys are attractive at first. A girl is flattered by the man that is willing to lay down everything for her and trails her like a love-sick puppy. But something happens when a girl really listens and is honest with herself The man that captures her heart is the hero, the honest one that can stand on his own, can lead her lovingly and only lays his heart on the line, saying that is who he is, by God’s grace.

Despite what they all may say, every girl looks for a hero and every guy wants to be the hero she finds. It is written so deeply in our hearts that none of us can ever truly get away from it. Nice guys and nice girls are safe and good, but they are dying and shallow inside. The heroes are the ones we love and remember. They are who we all want to be and who we are really inside. We need heroism or else it would not permeate the stories we love.

Hannah McMichael
Part of my thoughts on why Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice is so popular.



  1. Yes. Very well expressed, Hannah! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aha, I just watched Pride & Prejudice the other night... (although it was the new version starring Kiara Knightly, and I must admit I do not like that version as well as I am rather partial to the A&E version starring Colin Firth)!!!
    I definitely agree with you on a man's need to be a hero and a woman's desire to have a man that is a hero!
    Excellent post.

  3. Ditto to Mary Ellen! (Nobody can top the A&E version!) This is SO true. Real men are the ones who are also endevoring to protect a girl and her heart.♥


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