I've written about how it takes a hero to truly capture a guy's heart. But in reading the comments on my post, and thinking further, I realized something was missing from my thoughts. Or rather the expression of my thoughts...the thought was there, I just forgot to say it.

It takes a hero to capture the heart of the girl. But what does it take to capture the heart of the hero?

We as girls have the tendency to forget the fact that guys have hearts too, and very tender ones at that. They are courageous and tough...and easily touched deeply, though different than girls are used to. We get caught up in the admiration of a man protecting a girl's heart, and while this *is* indeed admirable and right, what about the girl protecting the guy's heart? That thought is a little harder, since it is the man's job to protect. But I'm thinking there's something in this for the girl as well. Who's to say a girl's heart is the only one that needs protecting?

A man can be the hero of a woman's heart, but heroism is not a one way street. A woman has to want a hero. She has to need a hero. She has to be capture-able (you can still be a lady-in-waiting and not be hiding away in your tower). And above all, she has to be willing to capture his heart.

Men's hearts are tough, brave, kingly, visionary, and everything else they need to be men. But beyond that rough exterior is a soft, vulnerable, easily touched, easily broken center. It takes a heroine to see this.

It takes a heroine to capture, touch, nurture, protect and even fight for the heart of a hero. And it takes a silent, admiring heroine to keep that heart heroic.

I do not say this to take away from the heroism of men, or to belittle their protection of women in any way. Nothing could be further from the truth. I merely want to point out that a girl has a job as well, and sometimes we forget it. We cannot sit idly by expecting our men to be the only heroic ones. We have a job to do.

We need heroism. It would serve us all well to let out the heroes and heroines inside us that the world has told us to put away as childish dreams. To live our heroism, with men and women each remembering their own places in the story, is what will keep the reality of our glorious fairy tale from dying.

~Hannah McMichael



  1. Yes, and I would add that we need to encourage out heroes! They need to be praised and built up in what is right. A little admiration goes a long way- admiration for hard work, studying God's Word, being tender to women and children, any of the manly arts that most men seem to have forgotten. My husband still opens the car door for me. Gotta love a guy who does that! :) Oh, and brothers are good to practice on. ;)

  2. I would write a concurrence if I had anything to add. I do not. Excellent thoughts.

  3. This is very true, and as you said women too often forget this role. It is important to understand how these roles work together as well :) Great post Hannah!

  4. These are excellent thoughts! I agree completely.



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