Refashion Adventure {part 1}

So I recently discovered a bag of clothes in my parents' basement. My mom had been given them by a friend, but they were too big for her. She was just going to get rid of them. But I couldn't let them go that easily!

So many pretty things...and all about 3-4 sizes too big for me.

So began the refashioning.

Old Navy sundress. Size XXL.

I cut about two inches off each side and resewed the seams. 

Refashioned to approximately a size medium.
I actually think I may have to work on this one a little more...I'm not quite happy with the way it lays in the front. but it looks pretty cute with a wide white belt and a cardigan!

There were 4 of these plain white shirts! I think they are supposed to be athletic tops, because they are styled kind of as a fitted shirt. So I took one of them...

And made a cool tank-top-shrug-sorta-thing.
Cut the sleeves off, sliced it up the center and around the neck, cut and retied the shoulders.

Next favorite thing so far! 
Merona halter top. Size XXL. Refashioned to a size small.

This one was tricky, because I lost the elastic going around the middle at one point. I had to dig it back out and then make a mental note not to do that again!

Cut about two inches off each side and resewed the seams.

And then made an outfit with it on Sunday!

(Props to my hubby for taking the picture)

More refashioning adventure to come soon!



  1. Great job! I love the plaid shirt refashion. :)


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