And again. And again.

When will this circle end?

I keep trying. I keep putting myself out there for you. Giving you chance after chance to break my heart all over again. Why?

You've pushed me away again. How many more times do I let myself get disappointed and hurt?

My initial fighting response wants to rise up in my heart.

Fine. Be that way. Whatever.

I want to be angry at you. I want to give up and forever delete you from life somehow. I feel like that is exactly the attitude you have towards me.

But that's not who I am. 

Believe what you like about me. Form your own conclusions of my life, my choices, my thoughts, because your assumptions will be all you have of me since you care not to find out who I really am.

Funny...I thought you already knew.

I keep trying. I will keep putting myself out there, hoping maybe someday you'll reach back.

Why? Because some part of me still believes you're worth it.



  1. All you can do is love people... It never guarantees they will love you back. It doesn't make it easier but at least you have tried and as much as it hurts you, sometimes you have to accept what is and let go. People make many different choices in life but loving others is one of the hardest. Praying for you dear <3

  2. By letting go of how you want to be loved, and believing that one day they will realize how much you truly love them and want to be a part of their life allowing them to take that space and make of it what they will.... That's so hard. Impossible almost, it comes down to how you react and how much you are going to allow this to take over your life. Praying for the person in question makes it easier to control the hurt and anger.


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