A Peek Into My Week...

Welcome to my week!
YLCF Blog Carnival

My idea was to post everyday for this week and give detailed descrptions of what went on. But that probably isn't going to happen. :P So what I am going to do is just post as often as I can and give updates on the days I miss. So here goes!

I will admit...I had a rough morning. I got very grumpy for a little while (needing nourishment and mad about the broken microwave). :sigh: But I got some breakfast in me and took all my vitamins and calmed down... ;P
I ended up taking Charlie (17) to Walmart for a haircut with Danny (15) and Grace (8.5). We also went to JoAnn Fabrics and got fabris and notions for a Regency dress I'm making for Grace for the homeschoolers Christmas Regency Ball we are going to in December. :D It's going to be lucious. :D
I spent the rest of the day talking with Mom (being that it was her day off, I was soaking it up), and just hanging out in the kitchen.
I spent a little time reading a book I got from the library, "A Man Worth Waiting For" by Jackie Kendall, which is really good! (albeit from a dating perspective, but eh, I take what I can from it.)
Watched a little bit of the movie "Iron Will".
Did a small bit of blog icon graphic designing.
I am now listening to music on my MP3 player while typing, thinking up ideas for a venture I'm working on, needing to write, hoping to try out a new crochet pattern for hat I just found, planning on starting up my Etsy shop this week, and lots more...

More updates to come!!! :D




  1. A busy Monday! Thanks for sharing about your day. I remember loving Jackie Kendall's books!

  2. I very much enjoyed reading about your day. :)

    That book does sound like it would be a great book to read. I read through "Before You Meet Prince Charming" and Lady in Waiting" before I met my man. (My memory fails at recalling the authors).

    By the way, how many siblings do you have?

  3. Hey Hannah girly! :) Lovely new blog - Anna's been telling me all about it. :D
    Love you so much! I just can't seem to get to the phone...buuussssyyy...NaNo started yesterday, so I had no time at all to chat. :-/ Phooey. I haven't forgotten about you though love. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of you Esty shop, hearing about Gracie's dress, all that goodness. <3

    ~ Mich

  4. Reading is always calming to me when my day isn't going so well! Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your link on YLCF! :)

  5. Gretchen: Your welcome! I'm enjoying posting. :)

    Kandace: Yes, its very good book...one I'm finding very relevant to me at this moment in life.
    I have three younger brothers, Gordon(19), Charlie(17) and Danny(15) and one younger sister, Grace(8.5). :)
    By the way, I really enjoyed reading your story about you and your husband. :)

    Michaela: Hi lovely! I know you haven't forgotten me. ;) Totally understand about NaNo. Ring me when you get a chance! Love you!

    Chantel: Yes, same here! :D So glad I could join! :D

  6. Thanks for joining us! It was fun to read about your Monday! I always cherish the days when my Mom is home (or if all 9 of us are home!); they are special hours together.
    I love reading books like you mentioned.
    Good luck on your Etsy shop! My sis and I have a shop- DoubleTake09

  7. Thanks Samantha! I'll be sure to take a look at your Etsy shop. I'm new to all this, so I'm a little nervous about navigating these waters. It's neat seeing what other people are doing.
    God bless!


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