the rest of my week...

Well, as you can tell, I didn't manage to post anything during the rest of the week. But I am here now to finish out the "Peek into my Week". :D

I actually had a rough couple days...the moodiest I have *ever* had in my life. I do know why, but we won't go there. Anywho, Wednesday, I ended up hiding in my room for a few hours, just to get myself together and try to get happy. The quiet helped and I soon felt much more relaxed and peaceful.

Thursday was much better and I helped Gracie get some school work done and do some writing of my own, which will appear here shortly.
Friday, Danny and Grace and I went shopping to get some food stuffs. :D Of course we stopped at the Whole Foods Co-op to visit with Mom for a while.
On Staurday, Danny and Dad went hunting for most of the dayand I made soup and biscuits and muffins.
And then on Sunday, we made a 2 hour trip to Medina Ohio to visit our friends the Ferrars!! :D I got some great pictures so I will put those up as soon as I can. :D

So...that was my week! Not the most interesting of weeks, nor the most detailed, but those were the highlights and the things that made it interesting for me. :D

Thank you again Young Ladies Christian Fellowship for hosting such a fun blog carnival!!! :D



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