To be broken

I think that everyone should have their heart broken one time real good before they marry.
There is nothing that prunes the heart more than experiencing the disappointment of a broken relationship. Everyone should have to experience saying 'no' to someone that is interested in them. It tests you. It causes you to examine yourself, to search your heart and to figure out things.
It makes you question what you believe. You never realize how important your beliefs are until they come between you and what you desire most greatly in the world.
You cannot know the meaning of true love until it has broken you. True love is not in the flowers, the kisses, the smiles, or the commitments. It's in surviving brokenness.
There is something about healing that is necessary to the human soul as well. Healing from hurt matures us, and makes us grow in ways we wouldn't otherwise. Hurt makes us crawl to the feet of God. Healing shows us His great and glorious love. How can we experience the balm God's love soothes our hurt with unless we allow ourselves to be broken?
We cannot go out looking for things that will hurt us, of course. And many people will say that they went along just fine and entered marriage perfectly unscathed. But at some point, either before or after marriage, you are going to experience some sort of heart ache. We live in a fallen world. Hurt is inevitable. What we learn from it is entirely up to us.
To love it to hurt. To hurt is to love. To be broken is to be clay in the Potter's hands...moldable, useable, fixable.



  1. Excellent Hannah.

    My failed relationship was really a blessing in disguise because now I know how much i'm willing to put up and compromise with. It has also given me a much different attitude about dating that has caused me to completely kick to the curb this foolish notion of "pre-engagement" otherwise known popularly as "courting".

  2. Good post, Hannah! Brokenness is often a tool that God uses to bring us to where He wants us to be. I've certainly had times when I've desired a relationship or a goal that wasn't in line with God's will. Often it's not really "wrong", per se, just subtly off from God's course for my life. But that's how the devil works. It's when we're willing to give those things up that God comforts our humbled hearts and shows us what's really worth living for. =)


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