A Heart Full of God

A heart full of God
Is all I have to give
Every single day I live
I feel so small and weak
And ever more so unworthy
Even with my heart embraced
By the one to whom I pray

A heart full of God
What more could I want?
And yet I feel as though I can’t
Deserve the answer to my dreams
Even when its smiling at me
Is there not more?
Can’t I be sure?

A heart full of God
I know its enough
He fills my heart with oh so much!
God, help me end this nagging doubt
That my within is not without
Tell me I’m worthy of a love all my own
Real true love I’ve never known

A heart full of God
A heart filled with loved
A heart that knows the meaning of
What it means to really see
What it means to really be
A heart full of song
This special song

Say it isn’t a dream
Say that I am worthy…

(Inspired by/partially to the tune of “A Heart Full of Love” from Les Miserables)

By Hannah McMichael
April 6, 2011



  1. Forgive me if I comment too much. ;-) I didn't see this one before I commented on the last one, and then POOF! it just popped up. ^_^ Oh so sweet! I can totally relate. =) God's abundant blessings ever shower upon my life and I am left to wonder, "Why me? Why now? What did I ever do?" You are one such blessing. =) I hardly know where in the world you came from, but already you are like a new-found best friend. =D You are worthy, Hannah!! God has made you worthy. =)

  2. I love comments! Thanks so much Ryan! I really appreciate that...means a lot... :D
    Thanks for being my friend!! You are indeed a blessing yourself. :D


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