The Joy of Waiting

I never understood it. I heard people talk about “joyfully waiting”, or being content in waiting, and I always wanted it. I strove to be happy while waiting, but it never lasted. I could usually pull it off for a day or two, but then I’d be right back to my impatient grumbling and worrying. It sounded ridiculous! I nearly had myself convinced that people who said they were content waiting were making it up. How could it be possible? I couldn’t understand it and I couldn’t reach it. I began to figure I’d forever be impatient and discontent.

But that was me talking.

I understand it now.

There was a reason I couldn’t find happiness in waiting. It was simply because I was not waiting for the right things. Ever since my heart began to grow in the knowledge of things like faith and love, I’d been dodging doctrine and chasing after stories that weren’t mine.

Imagine my shock when I figured out that my story was as simple getting my heart and mind in line with God, growing in doctrine and faith, and waiting for God to show me my love story!

Peace is found, not in getting to where you think you need to be, but rather looking at each step, focusing only on that single step, and then taking the next one, and (get this!) ENJOYING each step as you take it!

Joy comes when we know what to wait for. When you find out really what God wants you to wait for, waiting becomes so much easier. When you believe that God has shown you what He wants for you, and you know that it will all turn out right and beautiful in the end…oh, what sweet satisfaction!!

God does nothing haphazardly. His purpose is right and perfect. He is not the author of confusion or discontent. Being aware of His voice and heeding it can bring only the purest of happiness!

Waiting is good for us. It teaches us what is right and what is wrong. As Michael Phillips aptly put, “In all His purposes for the world, The Creator allows time to accomplish them. Whether it be in an individual heart, in the relationships of a family, or in the history of a nation, time teaches, time heals, time strengthens, time deepens roots and gives perspective. For time is an essential element of growth and a necessary catalyst for the development of maturity and wisdom.”

I know now what it means to find unbridled joy in waiting for something you know is God’s plan. I understand it. Life makes sense. God makes sense. Even I sorta make sense!

Thank you, Sweet Jesus!

Don’t be afraid of time and of waiting. You are in the right way. Be confident that God is making everything beautiful, even if you can’t see it right now. Waiting makes everything better, deeper, and sweeter.



  1. So sweet, Hannah! =) Sometimes the wait is long, but how wonderful is the prize! God actually does make sense when you do what He tells you. Haha. That's the hard part. We can be so stubborn like those Israelites... But it's like, all the wise thoughts I got from people are true! Why did I try to find my own way for so long?? And you do make sense, Hannah! a strange way. Heh. You were shaped by God for His perfect purpose. =)

    "You make everything glorious,
    And I am Yours...
    So what does that make me?"
    -David Crowder, "Everything Glorious"

  2. Beautifully written, Hannah. "God never wastes anything."

  3. Thanks Ryan! Yes, so very true. Haha...I'm glad I make sense! Even strangely. ;)
    And I love that song.... :)

    Thanks Brandon!

  4. When God shows you why you should wait, it's like "aha" and then you smack yourself for doubting God. *Repeat cycle next time you really want to do something.*

  5. Hannah, would you be willing to let us use this in the future on YLCF? We'd love to use it!

    I would include your name and a link back to this blog, if you would be willing!

    Please email me either way! :) alaskawildrose at

    Thanks so much!


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