My heart so full and happy
Near to bursting
Filled with love and joy like never before
Life taking a glorious turn
Dreams fulfilled
Door unlocked; who knows what else is in store?
So happy, it hurts and makes me cry
So happy, at times, I think I can fly

But then…

A bitter knife cuts deep
A thief tries to steal
The Enemy whispers lies
And wounds what has been healed

Regret seeps in, Discouragement comes
To poison my hopes and dreams
Loyalties broken, Friendships betrayed
…But my heart gathers its courage and screams:

You shall not win! You shall not conquer!
My story is God’s, and He is my author!

Take back your bitterness
Let go of me
You shall not use the past against me!
No matter who leaves me
I stand strong
Despite every disheartening thing I see

Let other choose paths contrary
I choose this way
People do what is important to them
This is important to me

You shall not discourage me.

I declare to you, Enemy in Darkness:
The High King of my heart has the victory
Your plan of sabotage will never work
I will not submit to your way

I will not loose heart
No matter what
Even in the face of all the hurt that tries to get in
I refuse to want revenge
Or feel bitter
Because that is when the Enemy wins

I refuse to be discouraged
I refuse to loose heart
I refuse to feel bitter
I refuse to take part
In this game

“…Let us now be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” (Gal.6:9)

My heart is so full of love and joy
Bursting in happiness
There is no room for discouragement, bitterness, doubt, fear
I look ahead, into the eyes of those around me
Truly loving, holding my hands
I shut out all others---God’s is the only voice I hear

By Hannah McMichael
May 4, 2011



  1. I love it that you are happy! Don't let anyone steal your dreams! xo

  2. "VincerĂ²", Hannah!! You shall have the victory, because God shall have the victory. Don't let the fire of the High Kings's joy be doused by the Enemy's schemes. You're doing good, Hannah! Keep strong, keep humble. I'm praying for you about the GenNext retreat and stuff. =)


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