The GenerationNEXT 1st Annual Retreat

We had an idea. We thought and talked, and discovered a way to bring this idea to life. We planned, searched, and talked a whole lot more. Then we waited, schemed and designed. I fretted and messed things up. The wonderful people around me fixed my messes. The day got closer and closer and then…
…I blinked.
Three days were like a gasp. Come and gone, a glimpse of Heaven.
The GenerationNEXT First Annual Retreat.
So many thoughts have been running through my heart over the last few days. How does one describe the beginning of something too wonderful for words? Impossible as it may be, I shall try…
Imagine God using one insignificant little girl to start a never before seen ministry, and planning an event that brought together a group of young people so likeminded in Bible doctrine that it shocked each one of them. Imagine then, putting this group of just 20 some young people together for three days…talking, laughing, studying God’s word, forming life-long friendships. Imagine the depth. Imagine the silent understanding that passed when they all looked around into each other’s eyes, knowing they’d all found the truest brothers and sisters in the world.
I was there, and its even hard for me to imagine!
To say “It was fun,” “It was awesome,” even “It was epic,” totally falls short of describing our weekend. It was so much more than that.
Really, how do you describe the depth of the fellowship of true believers, centered on the “meat” of studying God’s Word rightly divided? It’s nearly unfathomable. It’s like getting a taste of Heaven…like touching the hem of God’s robe.
I could rattle on about how much fun we had…meeting people I’d talked with online, playing Dutch Blitz, Turkey Foot and Ninja, doing archery, listening to the wonderful speakers (Dan Porath, Luke Miller and David Adams), signing autograph books, talking nearly non-stop, laughing so much my face hurt, creating inside jokes (that really was some dirty dirt!), singing, hugging, trying to stay dry, explaining how I’m not really a vegetarian, trying not to cry when saying goodbye…
But that’s the icing on the cake. Nothing can compare to the fellowship, so deep and rich.
I can’t wait till next year. :D



  1. So delightful to meet you and your family, and spend time with a great gang of young believers. It WAS awesome, and we were so happy to be a part of it!

    Just think of how epic next year's will be!

    mrs. vegh

  2. What exactly IS generationext?


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