lovin' it, baby!

Gracie and I spent some time outside yesterday! The sun was just setting and perfect. So we had a photo shoot :D Shampy and Smokey joined us. :D



  1. love the pics, Hannah! Adorable! =)

  2. All of it's so pretty, Hannah!! And I think this is my first time seeing Shampy. Or at least knowing his name. Love how the sun shines down in the corner of some of the pics... I forget what you call that. Sun glare, or something. Very cool!

    Thanks for the purple flower, too! ;-) I've seen a whole bunch of cool plants and creatures and monuments and towns and things here!! Taking a ton of pictures. =D I'm uploading some to FB now. Can't wait to tell you all about it! =)

  3. Thanks Mrs. Vegh and Auntie!!!

    Thank you Ryan! Hehe, I got a couple videos to upload that I also got that day, in which you see Shampy quite often :D Fun stuff! Haha...I'm glad you like the sun glare...I was fighting with that sunbeam the whole time, cause it kept doing things to my pics I didn't want! :P

    Ah, you are welcome... ;) YAY!! I can't wait to hear everything!!!! :D
    See you soon... :) ;)


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