Unseen once is now made seen
Black, Red, White, Green
Am I a lion, or a lamb?
Am I a boy, or a man?
Drown, come and drown with me
Taste Elyon’s fruit, listen and see
Elyon plays, Elyon sings
His voice soft as a Roush’s wings
Dance, come and dance with me
Forever part of the Circle be
Elyon’s water, pleasure and life
Simple and real, wrong made right
Deeper, deeper…deeper still
You don’t understand? Wait, you will.
The game is on, the Romance begun
The divine magic of two become one
Fight for, chase, desire, pursue
Cherish, hope for, love, woo
Echo of Eden, heaven’s touch
You never thought you could want this so much
Now the Battle is here, the Enemy come
The Great Romance has a war to be won
Be careful the master you choose
It means whether you win or lose
Elyon is silent, Elyon waits
While hell bursts open its gates
The Circle fights, the Circle cries
What was always now dies
Then the Hero comes, he always comes
Watch as now he runs
Power flows, white and pure
There he is, strong and sure
The Warrior, Creator, Lover, Friend
The beginning and the end
Drown, drown again with me
Elyon’s water, taste and see
Am I a lion, or a lamb?
Am I boy, or a man?
Unseen once is now made seen

By Hannah McMichael
Inspired by Ted Dekker's "Circle" series

(If you have not read these books, you won't understand this poem. Go read them!!)



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