Foolish Heart

Foolish heart, where have you gone?
Why have you been running so long?
Wisdom told you not to go
Instead you chose
To follow false and silent whispers.
Foolish heart, now you pay the price
One that was loved, now one that is despised
Now you learn
Now you turn and lift your teary eyes to look for love.

And now the question burning lingers
As salty drops run through my fingers
Am I worthy? Is there still a chance?
Might I be taught one brand new dance?
This is where it matters, this is where it starts
The pathway to a beautiful heart.
To see past the guilt of my tear-stained soul
To have what was broken be made new and whole.
I wait breathlessly and watch at my door
For something so long I’ve been waiting for.
I question my worth, I question myself
It’s all led to nothing---am I worth nothing else?
I step back in shyness. What can I do?
What I want most in life may never come true.

My foolish heart is content, although it has strayed
This isn’t impatience. Its just being afraid.

Lord in Heaven, help me be deserving.
Restore my heart’s beauty and make me worthy of what I desire.

By Hannah McMichael
June 17, 2011



  1. Hi Hannah, don't take this the wrong way, but don't worry about your life. I'm sure God's got a grand path for you, especially prepared. You're doing awesome things and your worth comes from God Himself. There's no one more worthy than Him, so I'm pretty sure you're set!


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