One minute is all I have
To hold you in my arms
As your tiny fingers cling to me
I’ll keep you safe from harm
I smell your hair, you look at me
And give me a little smile
With that I could fly to the moon
Or run a million miles
The little noises that you make
As I rub your small, soft back
Like music in my ear
I feel there’s nothing that I lack
If all I have is this minute
I’ll keep you always in my heart
Sweet little one, a gift from God
You’re a perfect work of art.

(c) 2009 Hannah M.



  1. I love them Hannah! You are really talented. Growing up in a family of seven I have always enjoyed children (and babies) and all of the activities that are associated with them. :) Your poems capture those feelings exactly. P.S. Check out my blog at (sorry not as techy as you):wink:.


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