The Voice

Mysterious whisper reaches my heart.
Sweet, solemn voice beckons me hear.
Words simply spoken, a message imparts.
Matchless petition begs me come near.
Where does it come from? Why does it stay
Touching my heartstrings? Willing me know
A secret in a language only I understand.
Magical music that captures my soul.
A beautiful song with words only for me.
Perfected and faithful in patience endure.
The Voice sings his song to my breathless heart.
Holy and virtuous, waiting and pure.
All senses of vision fail me to glimpse
A tangible body or place to belong.
No evident picture to please my wish.
Just a whisper, a voice, a music, a song.
Deep stirs a longing, where once there was none.
Beautiful horizon my heart arises to perceive.
Awakens my imagining to conjure up a dream.
Strengthens and shelters my will to believe.
The Voice calls my heart to search for his own.
Asking me, willing me, begging me find
The place where our voices will join in one song;
Where I am my beloved’s and he is mine.

(c)Hannah M.



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