A Peek In My Day

*Written for the Young Ladies Christian Fellowship (www.ylcf.org) blog carnival “A Peek In Your Day”.*

“Remember He is the artist and you are only the picture. You can't see it. So quietly submit to be painted---i.e., keep fulfilling all the obvious duties of your station (you really know quite well enough what they are!), asking forgiveness for each failure and then leaving it alone. You are in the right way. Walk---don't keep on looking at it.” C.S. Lewis, Collected Letters v. iii

My life is not very hard to describe. I was homeschooled since preschool, graduated in 2008, live at home with my parents and four siblings, maintain an ever widening circle of friends, and love the Lord my God with all my heart. I enjoy writing, reading, graphic and web design and dancing.
But to be honest, that is the rather boring version. If you want to know the least possible about what goes on in my life, there you have it in the three sentences above. However, if I was to tell you all of what God has done and is doing in my little life…well, I’d probably end up writing a book. I may just do that someday. For now, though, so as not to completely overload YLCF, here is a little bit of what I do.
My typical day begins with the normal waking up process of showering, eating my weird breakfast, and taking my vitamin supplements (I’m well known in certain circles for my love of garlic and carob). During the school months, I can be found either helping my siblings with their school work or keeping up on the household chores while my mom helps them. Being true-blue homeschoolers, there are many days where we end up doing a lot more talking than actual book work. We talk about everything…politics, movies, books, friends, North versus South, girls and guys, music, the state of the union, food…you name it, I’m sure one of us has an opinion on it.
Depending on the schedules of the working people in the house, the rest of the day is usually spent doing housework, spending time with my siblings, or, when I can grab the opportunity, spending some quiet time in my room. When I can get this time, I usually write, listen to music, practice swing dancing (yeah, I usually don’t have a partner), play with Adobe Photoshop, read, or even just sit and absorb the quiet.
This week, much of my activity is revolving around preparing to go to a Homeschool Alumni (www.homeschoolalumni.org) get together in Lima Ohio with my dear friends, the Ferrar ladies. I’m so very excited to be getting to spend a total of five days with them, and several dozen other homeschoolers. Amongst the activities planned are English Country dancing (and other forms), going to the Ohio Caverns, and lots and lots of amazingly good Godly fellowship. So as I write this, I am working on packing my suitcase, rehearsing dance calls (as I am going to be the dance mistress!), and making sure everything is in order. :)
After my dad gets home from work, our evening events vary. Most of the time, we’ll watch a movie together, or play a game such as Yahtzee, UpWords, or Boggle. Sometimes we’ll just sit and talk. My brothers might work on school work or read books. Then right around eight o’clock, I take my little sister Grace up to bed. This time of the day is generally my internet time. I spend the next few hours on HSA, Facebook, emailing, putting up blog posts, reading blogs and connecting with my far-away friends. Then I go to sleep. Occasionally I will lie in bed and read or write something…that is when I have a flashlight that works. I’m notorious in our house for killing flashlights. :)
Oh, yes…I should say something about my ministry too, right? Yes. Well, being that this about my daily life, it is appropriate because the ministry I have is something that touches every day of my life. I only recently took up this ministry, and you may be surprised to find it may not be the sort of thing you instantly think of when I say the word ‘ministry’. Most people go into foreign missions, or become pastors, or are involved with various church outreaches. But I must say that I personally have never felt that calling. My calling is to encourage the people that do. And those that don’t. It’s amazing how many people need encouragement and don’t get it. About two years after I joined HomeschoolAlumni.org, I realized that there was an entire community right at my fingertips of people who desperately needed to be encouraged. To be told that everything was going to be alright, to be prayed for, to be told that someone was thinking about them, and that they were loved. If you’ve ever had anyone say any of this to you, you will know felling you get from someone reaching and touching you, even if it is with the simplest two-liner cyber message sent across a thousand miles. That is what I feel my ministry is. I may not be able to do much, but perhaps at some point, my love and my friendship will make a difference somewhere.
In truth, it isn’t my life that is interesting, but instead what Christ is doing through my life. Standing all by itself, my daily calendar is rather dull. But sprinkle the love of the Savior, Christian encouragement, homeschooling, and the Word of God throughout it all, and suddenly you have something worth writing a blog post about. :)
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into my life. I’m looking forward to reading the posts of everyone else who is participating in YLCF’s carnival today, as well as the many other writings which I am sure will follow.



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