When Jesus Danced

I was thinking about
What it would be like
To be at a party
With Jesus Christ.
When the music played
And the singing began
And everyone jumped to their feet
I tried to imagine
Just how I’d feel
When the Savior got up to join in

When Jesus danced
Did the guests stop a moment to watch
Was the room suddenly filled
With the music of angels who’d come
To see Him dance while the others were still
When Jesus danced
Did He wish He was dancing with God
As He wave His arms in the air
Was He filled with a rapturous joy
Oh, how I wish I could have been there
When Jesus danced.

Someday there will be
A celebration
That’ll rival all those of the past
An eternal party
In the mansions above
Where we’ll gather together at last
To watch Jesus dance
And marvel at how His feet move
To see His arms raised in the air
And be filled with a rapturous joy
Oh, how I can’t wait to be there
Watching Jesus dance.

(c) 2009 Hannah M.



  1. Here's your comment...Love the Blog & esp. the first topic of Jesus celebrating an occassion via "Dance". I think the gals would have thought "What a Great Dancer...there's
    something about how He is so one with the celebration, His energy, emotion & the love He emits to those at the gathering...". I would love to have been one of the chosen friends back then who He called on to say "Hey, so-in-so is getting married & we're invited. Let's go celebrate with them & have some fun!!"
    You Go Girl!
    -G Dad


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