There's a Funny Kind of Happiness

There’s a funny kind of happiness
That flows through everything
It’s the spark that makes me want to dance
It’s the tune that makes me sing
It turns clouds into rainbows
And urges birds to fly
It builds stairways to mountains
And forms ladders to the sky
It gives me hope and purpose
And puts reason in my rhyme
It shines light into my darkness
As I savor every little bit of time
It paints the colors of sunsets
And makes stories out of words
It turns bitterness and anger into
The most beautiful music I’ve heard
There’s a funny kind of happiness
That conquers grief and strife
It’s what happens when you’re so in love with God
And you trust Him with your life.

(c) Hannah M.



  1. Oh Hannah dearest, I love this one! It's just fabulous! <3


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